FDIC Raffle Winners Friday April 22nd 2016

Friday – April 22nd 2016



Fire Department

11 AM

Brian Weinel  

Glendale FD 

Wesley Holt  

 St. James VFD

Becky Snook  

Ethridge FD 

12 PM

James Chatham  

Sheridan Park FD 

Sara Wood  

Jackson Twp FD 

Jacob Pemberton  

Norwalk FD 

1 PM

George Scarberry  

Laurelville FD 

John Lembcke  

Morris FD 

 Julie Stewart

Picture winner = Jacob Simonton

Ethridge FD 

Chillicothe Community FD

2 PM

Nick Nye  

Monroe Township 

Marilee Richards  

IFD Indianapolis 

Dan Blickhan

PICTURE WINNER = Keith Schneckloth  

Palmyra FD

Keith Schneckloth .. Eldridge FD 

3 PM

Christopher Hammett  

Eastern Douglas County FD 

Gerry Johnson  

Seneca FD 

Alfredo Ruiz  

Freeport FD 

4 PM

Jason Rowland  

Town of Turtle FD 

Jeff Ellis  

Oregon FD 

Andy Mulligan  

Little Hocking 

Pumpkin Center Volunteer Fire Department

At Pumpkin Center VFD, we strive to give our members quality equipment to use at all times. We’ve found over the years that small details make huge differences. Our equipment committee is always asking the question “Is something better out there?” We stay abreast of current industry trends and investigate the latest and greatest from equipment manufacturers to make sure our guys and girls have what they need to do the job and do it well. In 2009 we were tired of the fire hose we had been purchasing and bought some Niedner XL-800. The hose is still in service today. During this time we’ve found that in addition to being durable, it rolls up extremely tightly, packs tightly in hose beds and is lightweight, which lessens fatigue on members. With a comparable friction loss rate to much other hose in the industry, our committee has yet to find a reason to leave Niedner. We had several sections of cloth Niedner 4 inch supply hose before switching to 5 inch as well. It was the best supply hose I’ve ever seen or used.


Casey Snyder, Assistant Chief, Pumpkin Center Volunteer Fire Department